Direct Your United Way Donation to Lead to Read KC

SarahAug. 4, 2016

As the United Way Campaign gets underway at your workplace, please consider directing your donation to Lead to Read KC. Thanks to our fabulous volunteers, Lead to Read KC is experiencing rapid growth, and with growth come increased expenses. So, when your corporate United Way campaign asks you for a contribution, please direct your donation to Lead to Read KC. Here’s how:

  • Ask the United Way campaign manager at your workplace for a “Donor Direct Form” at the time of your pledge, or click on the Donor Direct link if using an online form.

  • On the write-in section of the form, state that you want to give your donation to another agency, and list Lead to Read KC 6022 North Strathbury, Kansas City, MO 64151

  • Include Lead to Read Employer Identification Number (EIN) 82-1256215. You must include this number on the form.

  • You then return the form or submit the online form, including the amount of your donation, to the campaign coordinator at your company.

  • Lead to Read KC will then receive the donation from United Way.

Thanks for considering supporting Lead to Read KC through your United Way donation.If you have questions about directing your United Way donation, please contact Pauly Hart