Vote for Lead to Read KC on Target Circle

Martha ConradtJan. 11, 2022

We’re honored and excited to announce that Lead to Read KC is a Target Circle nonprofit in the Kansas City market, now through March 31, 2022! You can help us receive grant funding by becoming a member of Target Circle and voting for Lead to Read KC. 

Target donated $20,000 in 2021, divided among five nonprofits, based on the number of votes. The more you buy at Target during the next couple months, the more votes eligible for Lead to Read KC. 

Please help us make the most of this opportunity!


Enroll In Target Circle

To enable voting, Guests must enroll in Target Circle, a free loyalty program for Target shoppers (Guests). If you’re in Kansas City, choose ONE of these options to enroll for free:

  • sign up at
  • download the Target app, OR
  • provide your phone number at check out 

Earn Votes

Guests earn one vote every time they make a purchase at Target (online and in-store).  

Cast Votes

After you shop — every time between now and March 31 — be sure to cast your vote(s) for Lead to Read KC!

To cast your vote(s), log in to your Target account (online or via the app), and follow the prompts and instructions to vote. You’ll see Lead to Read KC on the Target Circle Community Voting Page. This short video shows how easy it is to cast your vote in the app.

If you’re already a Target Circle member, check your account. You may have votes in your account, waiting to be cast.

Please help spread the word. Thank you! 

The Lead to Read KC Team