Lead to Read KC Reading Mentors donate one lunch hour a week to provide one-to-one reading support and mentoring to elementary students. Know someone who is interested? Tell them to Become a Reading Mentor!

Ninety-six percent of Reading Mentors reported overall satisfaction with our program in 2019-20. In this KMBC 9 News story, several Reading Mentors shared how they’re making a difference:

In our new video, Reading Mentors and students in our 2019-20 program share the feelings and possibilities that are created during reading sessions.

Here’s what Reading Mentors are saying:

“I have been volunteering with Lead to Read KC for seven years, and it is my favorite part of the week. I was impressed at how the program was able to shift gears and continue reading with students virtually during the pandemic, a time when students needed extra support the most. I’ve watched students go from only reading a few sight words to reading an entire book on their own.”

— Andrea Mulvany, Henderson Engineers

“I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to make an impact in a child’s life, this is a great start!”

– Gyla Taylor, McCownGordon

“The past couple of weeks have been extremely rewarding to see Jaiden’s development and the impact Lead to Read KC is having on him. Nothing is better than seeing his face light up when he sees a book he enjoys. We often take turns reading back and forth to each other!

– Gabriel Akalugwu, Commerce Bank

“By spending just 30 minutes a week with a student, you’re not only helping them build much-needed confidence in reading, you’re forming an indescribable bond! Being a Lead to Read Volunteer is so rewarding!”

 Morgan Fischer, Lockton Companies

Here’s what our Teaching Partners and School Administrators are saying:

Lead to Read KC is going really well in my classroom! The kids are always looking forward to reading with their buddies! I love that they get to spend one-to-one time reading to someone because it can be hard to read with all of my students in one day.” 

Daishanae Crittenden, Teacher, Academy for Integrated Arts

“Lead to Read KC volunteers reading one-to-one with my students and encouraging them makes them feel special. The students realize, ‘I can really do it. I understand.’  Later, when they’re on their own, they think, ‘I read this book with my reading buddy; now I’m going to read it by myself.’ My students like reading more. Now, when I say, ‘Reading time is over,’ they say, ‘We just started!'”

Violet Pickett, Teacher, Garfield Elementary

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