Enhance or refresh your skills as a Reading Mentor

Martha ConradtOct. 25, 2021
Lead to Read KC Reading Mentor

With reading and mentoring sessions resuming this month, it’s the perfect time to enhance or refresh your skills as a Reading Mentor! 

You can do that by watching one or all of our short training videos. These four videos are packed with great tips and tools to help you help your student become a proficient reader.

The one-minute training videos include:

  • Emerging Readers Video Beginning readers can struggle. Watch this video for tips to help your student succeed.
  • Engaging Young Readers Video No matter how well your student readsor how much he or she strugglesthere are many ways to help them stay engaged. 
  • Working with Sight Words Video Sight words are words that cannot be easily sounded out. For example: “help,” “make” and “good.” Learning to recognize these words by sight helps your student become a confident reader. 
  • Developing Reading Fluency Video Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately, quickly and with expression. In order for students to understand what they read, they must be able to read fluently. 

Many thanks to our friends at Lockton Companies for partnering with us to produce these videos! 

You can find even more tips and tools on Lead to Read KC’s Training Resources page. We also recommend Reading Rockets for additional resources.

Thank you to our Reading Mentors for all you do to help Lead to Read KC students! Together we are creating a community of readers, one lunch hour at a time.