“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.”

-Jacqueline Kennedy

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Lead to Read KC Board Members 2018

Lead to Read KC Board Members February 2018

Alane Watts, American Century Investments
Caitlin O’Byrne Waters, CBIZ
Casey Martin, Husch Blackwell
David Lowe, Lockton
Derek Klaus, Visit KC
Dustin Walton, Populous
Eric Graham, TGP Investments
Justin Goldsborough, Fleishman Hillard
Lokesh Krishna Ravichandran, Cerner
Lynn Carlton, HOK
Lynn Rundle, Sequel Holdings
Rainy Cadenhead, DST
Rebecca Haessig, Set the Schools Free Blog
Sarah Gaikwad, Lead to Read KC

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Major Darren Ivey of KCPD – Working with students who have experienced trauma

This Reader training resource is great for all Readers, all adults who work with children who have experienced trauma. Thanks for such fantastic community partners who help us provide and produce materials like this for our volunteers!


Active reading strategies to use with your student

ABC’s For Active Reading *

A- Ask questions

  • Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?
  • Ask your student to make a prediction about what could happen in the story based on the pictures.
  • Ask your student to count the number of objects on the page, e.g., number of fish, cars, people, etc.


B- Build Vocabulary

  • Ask what words mean.
  • Connect words to pictures.
  • Connect new words to words they already know.
  • Look for sight words that your student is working on or pick a word that they need to know such as it, was, am, are, they and read and read that word whenever it appears.
  • Have students identify rhyming words and ask them to think of other words that rhyme with that word.


C- Connect to the Student’s World

  • Ask students what the story makes them think about.
  • Ask the student how they are similar or different from

      the  characters in the story.

  • Ask why characters in the book did what they did and

        if they have ever made similar choices.

  • Ask students if they could change the story, how would they make it different.

*Adapted from Read Charlotte

Strategies for Decoding Words

Chunk the word

  • Look for a chunk you know (-ing, -and, -art)
  • Look for a word part you know (be-,-er)

Skip it!

  • Skip the word.
  • Read to the end of the .sentence
  • Go back and re-read it.

Stretch Out the Word

  • Stretch the word out slowly.
  • Put the sounds together to figure out the word.

Look at the Picture

  • The picture can sometimes give clues to help figure out a word.

Get Your Lips Ready

  • Say the first sounds of the word out loud.

Flip the Vowel Sound

  • Try the other vowel sound.
  • Flip a short sound for a long sound and vice versa.


Celebrate Success!

Use  fist bumps, high fives, and goofy words and phrases such as:

  • Woo Hoo!
  • Yippee Skippy!
  • Huzza!
  • Hip, Hip, Hooray!
  • Oh Yea!
  • Awesome!
  • Maaarvelous!
  • Knock my socks off!
  • Crazy Good!
  • Good Stuff!
  • Stupendous!
  • Cool!


Tips for Working with ELL Students

  1. Speak slower, not louder.
  2. Act out the words if possible.
  3. Use your phone to find photos or pictures of words in the book.
  4. Draw pictures or have your student draw pictures.
  5. Provide “wait time” allow your student time to process the text and your questions.
  6. Don’t rescue students when they struggle to speak. smile, relax your face and hands and wait.
  7. Know that ESL/ELL students may go through a “silent period” when they are afraid to speak. It will usually pass as they become more confident. Often their Lead to Read KC reading buddy is the first person they feel comfortable talking to.



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2017-18 Reading Schedule


Banneker Elementary (Kansas City Public Schools)

7050 Askew Ave., Kansas City, MO

Wednesday 11:20  

Boone Elementary (Center School District)               

8817 Wornall Road, Kansas  City, MO

Wednesday 12:00

Thursday 12:10        

Crossroads Academy Central (Charter School)    

1015 Central Street, Kansas City, MO

Thursday 12:15

Crossroads Academy Quality Hill(Charter School)

1080 Washington, Kansas City, MO

Wednesday 11:35

Garfield Elementary (Kansas City Public School District)

436 Prospect Ave, Kansas City,  MO

Wednesday   11:30, 12:15  12:20  12:30     

Hope Leadership Academy (Charter School)  

2800 East Linwood, Kansas City, MO

Wednesday  12:00  

Indian Creek Elementary (Center School District)  

9801 Grand Ave, Kansas City, MO

Thursday  11:20  11:50  12:50  

Longfellow Elementary (Kansas City Public School District)

2830 Holmes St, Kansas City, MO

Thursday 11:30, 11:40  12:00  12:10

M.L. King Elementary (Kansas City Public School District)  

4848 Woodland Kansas City, MO   

Tuesday   12:00        

Wednesday  12:30     

Phillips @ Attucks (Kansas City Public School District)

2400 Prospect Ave, Kansas City, MO

Tuesday    11:40      12:30

Primitivo Garcia Elementary  (Kansas City Public School District)

1000 W 17th St, Kansas City, MO

Tuesday  11:40, 12:15

Troost Elementary (Kansas City Public School District)

1215 E 59th St, Kansas City, MO

Wednesday 12:30

Thursday  12:00  12:30

Whittier Elementary (Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools)

295 South 10th Street, Kansas City, KS

Tuesday  12:00      

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Make Sure Your United Way Donation Helps Support Lead to Read KC

It’s United Way time. Please consider directing your donation to Lead to Read KC.

Here’s how:

  • Click on the Donor Direct link if using an online form, or ask the United Way campaign manager at your workplace for a “Donor Direct Form” at the time of your pledge.
  • On the write-in section of the form, write in Lead to Read KC. Include the following address: 6022 North Strathbury, Kansas City, MO 64151
  • Include Lead to Read KC’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) 82-1256215. You must include this number on the form.
  • Indicate the amount of your pledge and then submit your form.  
  • Lead to Read KC will then receive the donation from United Way.

Questions? Contact Pauly Hart at: [email protected] or your local United Way campaign manager. Thanks!

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Lead to Read KC Receives Independent 501c3 Designation

Dear Community Partner:

We are pleased to announce that Lead to Read KC has received its own 501c3 designation, positioning us to even better serve Kansas City students who are living in compromised socioeconomic situations. Lead to Read KC will be expanding its board of directors to guide us in raising funds and developing our organization so that we can maximize our service to Kansas City children. lead to read kc, kansas city literacy, mentoring kansas city
lead to read kc, kansas city literacy, mentoring kansas city  


Recently, Lead to Read KC was among the literacy organizations that helped Kansas City earn The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading’s “All-American City Award” for its efforts to improve early literacy, an initiative promoted by Turn the Page KC.



Lead to Read KC began its reading crusade six years ago; we have served more than 2,000 students and engaged thousands of adults in improving third grade literacy. Working with limited funds and staffing, Lead to Read KC has been the boots on the ground in the city-wide effort to improve reading skills in our urban core. And along the way, we have developed a volunteer organization that has endeared itself to dozens of businesses and organizations in Kansas City.

Our commitment is real, our success is remarkable and with your help, our possibilities are endless!


lead to read kc, kansas city literacy, mentoring

Thank you for your ongoing support of Lead to Read KC. 

Together we are creating a community of readers, one lunch hour at a time.